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Join us for an exceptional discussion on Myth, Mycelium, and Rewilding Masculinities with Sophie Strand. Some of the themes we explored: How has patri...View Details

Intuition vs. Ego

In a world where we are mainly running our lives from the “mind” instead of the “heart”, the decisions we take lack of access to the higher wisdom of ...View Details

A Discussion on spirituality, shamanism, religion, how to embrace fully who we are and dealing with the shame & struggle to come out in our fullne...View Details

Like every part of Nature, we have an innate wilderness inside of us. Our True Nature. Connecting to it allow to connect to your deepest wisdom and to...View Details

Come discover all the things you can do to recover your innate power and wisdom (Interview with Xtraordinary SPort)

The Hero’s Journey

I make 3 recommendations for entrepreneurs and anyone who want to create an offering in this world based on my experience of the Hero's Journey.

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