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Shamanic Meditation (2)

Here is a recording of our online live weekly shamanic meditation. We invite you to join us live in this gathering to experience this meditation in co...View Details

The 4 directions (East, West, North & South), the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Air & Earth) are the foundations for shamanic practices and prayers...View Details

As we are healing ourselves we open our Heart for a deeper and more intimate connection to Spirit. In that process, we can be able to channel messages...View Details

Intuition vs. Ego

In a world where we are mainly running our lives from the “mind” instead of the “heart”, the decisions we take lack of access to the higher wisdom of ...View Details

I am not Good Enough

Because of our education and highly competitive society, we often feel that we are "not good enough". Unless we dive deep in this feeling we will neve...View Details

The Gratitude Practice

When we bring a regular practice of Gratitude in our life, we can face some of the most daunting aspects of life.

The Power of Prayer

I am discussing how what we say and how we pray can change totally the way we manifest our own reality.

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