- Patterns in love, and why they can become self-destructive

- Why protecting your heart often leads to attracting again a challenging experience in love

- What is the relation between fear and desire, and how can you overcome this loop of repeating what you don't want, and finally open up to what you do want

- What to do when you've experienced toxic partnership in the past

- How to clear out your own shadows, to be able to open to trust in a sincere way

- How to interpret intimacy through the medicine wheel? Here we will look at the elements and how they together form the wholeness we search for in love

- Ancestral ties - patterns of the past - mother father archetypes.

Nalaya is an intimacy life coach, healer, and retreat facilitator. She was born in The Netherlands, raised in various countries, traveled the world for over a decade, and is now residing in Thailand after having lived in the Sacred Valley of Peru for 5 years. She has trained in India (where she also lived for 5 years) with various masters from the Siddha lineage and received initiations into Shaktipat, Kundalini, and other Tantric Traditions. Her sessions are based on a variety of intensive training she did in Asia, India, as well as Europe. Later, she worked with shamans in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. All from various tribal traditions. Nalaya has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world. She implements a unique mixture of tantric techniques based on shamanic principles.

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