I invite you to come back into being, to sit with me as we embark on the journey of great remembering. Remembering that we are not only the Little Brothers and Sisters to all that surrounds us, but also that we are them and they are us. They - we - have been waiting and watching for the moment to listen. The Animals have so much to share with us, not only wisdom but truth about ourselves. Even the most unexpected creatures, mundane and fantastic, offer up alliance if we are willing to sit and listen.


In this LIVE talk we discuss:

•What is the difference between an Ancestral Ally, Lifetime Ally, and Situational Ally?

•How can I identify my Allies?

•How can I work with my Allies?

•How can I honor my Allies?


About Casey Certain

Casey Certain has felt deeply connected to the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina since childhood and began welcoming the friendship and messages from the Animals since that time. Honing her skills through observation and education, she also works to collect and retell the Animals’ cultural stories as they see fit. Her mission has been to aid in the universal process of learning, growing, and healing as we each acknowledge not only our own personal Divine existence but the Divine existence and connection of each and every other being. After serving youth who were from at-risk situations for seven years, Casey began to embrace her identity and role of not only teacher but healer in 2020.

Working to explore, record, and share what the Animals, Plants, and Land wish to share and teach, she now offers private sessions and retreats as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner at her homestead in Walhalla, South Carolina, with her husband David. She is trained in hypnotherapy, meditation, breathwork, yoga, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, among other modalities.

Her great joy, however, is introducing individuals to the Animal Allies who have been working, and who wish to continue working, with them in order to bring balance to their healing journey. Her own journey is assisted most frequently by Rabbit, Blue Jay, Fox, Crow, and Black Snake.

You can learn more about her homestead and healing arts practice at reidhomestead.com and find some of her recorded Animal Meditations on her Patreon Inner Certainty Healing Arts.

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