What would love do?

This is my interview with Daniel Levin from the Mosaic Podcast. Daniel interviewed me and we explore plenty of beautiful questions.

Here is what you will hear on this podcast

- The amazing feeling of meeting a stranger and feeling like you have known them for years
- That moment where Angell made a life-changing decision to leave running a major global corporation to do the spiritual work that his soul needed that brought him to open up a retreat in the Catskills called The Sanctuary
- We only change when life becomes unacceptable
- The real feelings that came when he made this decision
- Hear what he felt when he saw himself 40 years down the line
- The moment he collapsed walking off the stage of receiving a big award and seeing what success is
- Did he ever think to go back to life he used to do?
- The search for meaning and what we give meaning to
- What are you praying for?
- The early warning signs that it is time to give up what we know we have to give up but are scared to give up.
- The technique to fast forward our life to the moment we are on our deathbed and to ask are with happy with the life we have lived.
- The unresolved question of purpose, the pain it causes and the process of numbing that pain
- If you were to die tomorrow, god forbid, would you be happy with the life that you have lived or is the music of your life still unseen inside your soul?
- The fear of plunging into love and giving ourselves entirely so that we can be the person we want to be unveiled
- The experience of oneness and the fear that came
- The revealing of the shadow and the beautiful opportunity to feel it
- A different helpful view of fear
- The Shamanic path lives in the middle
- An exquisite image of a mother with no arms the Buddhist call compassion
- The work he does is an invitation to a way of life, a shift of being and a change of narrative
the butterfly effect of love
- What surprised him most about the second version of his life
- The beautiful capacity we have to really connect and what happens when we do.
- The paradox of my life is not about me, it is about others and there is no others.
- What medicine do we bring that allows the CEO to heal the Shaman and the Shaman to heal the CEO
the hopeful pessimist and the hopeless optimist

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