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I discuss here the power of Breathwork when combine with Ancient Cosmology and Shamanism. This interview is part of The Breathwork Summit a free onlin...View Details

Join us for a conversation and practice to learn simple tools to engage more consciously with the world — from our relationships with one another to ...View Details

Green Witch Wisdom

Green Witch Wisdom with Robin Rose Bennett - Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit Teachings for personal, social and planetary Healing.


In this live...View Details

STOP SABOTAGING YOUR PATH TO LOVE - Tantra & Shamanism - Patterns in love, and why they can become self-destructive - Why protecting your heart of...View Details

"The Mystical Positivist," is dedicated to the application of reason in the pursuit of spiritual practice and development. I look to this format to be...View Details

Deep Intimacy

Our capacity to feel a deep intimacy with others is directly linked to our capacity to feel that intimacy with ALL of ourselves, including our pain, s...View Details

As we are healing ourselves we open our Heart for a deeper and more intimate connection to Spirit. In that process, we can be able to channel messages...View Details

Although it is mass produced, mass promoted, legal, and ingested by a multitude of people all over the world, Alcohol is a toxic substance for the bod...View Details

Intuition vs. Ego

In a world where we are mainly running our lives from the “mind” instead of the “heart”, the decisions we take lack of access to the higher wisdom of ...View Details

Death, The Great Mystery

Death. It is a great Mystery. In the West, we “hide” from death very often and are scared of it. In Native society and ancient wisdom, Death is seen a...View Details

Like every part of Nature, we have an innate wilderness inside of us. Our True Nature. Connecting to it allow to connect to your deepest wisdom and to...View Details

The Smile Inside

Learn this very easy and powerful life-changing practice that can bring back Joy and Happiness in your life in a very immediate and powerful way.

In this interview on WJFF Radio, first hydro-powered radio in America, I discuss the different healing modalities and my work.

I present a method of practice to be used every morning and which can completely transform the way you feel, act, and relate to yourself and others.

The Magic of Reiki

This simple and yet very powerful healing technic can bring you and those around you some of the deepest breakthrough and transformation.

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