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Turn it up! Turn it down. Have we come to believe it must be true because it’s loud?  Lights flash and voices shout from every corner.


The nois...View Details

My interview with Elder Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, shaman, traditional healer, storyteller, and carrier of the Qilaut (winddrum), whose family belongs to...View Details

I discuss here the power of Breathwork when combine with Ancient Cosmology and Shamanism. This interview is part of The Breathwork Summit a free onlin...View Details

Embodied Plant Medicine

Join us for an exceptional discussion on Embodied Plant Medicine with Amanda Nicole.


What if my body is my basket, and I become the Tulip Popla...View Details

Green Witch Wisdom

Green Witch Wisdom with Robin Rose Bennett - Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit Teachings for personal, social and planetary Healing.


In this live...View Details

STOP SABOTAGING YOUR PATH TO LOVE - Tantra & Shamanism - Patterns in love, and why they can become self-destructive - Why protecting your heart of...View Details

In this very educative, fun, and filled with wisdom discussion, Matthew and I discuss the magical realm of the intersection between Shamanism & He...View Details

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